I Saved Someone’s Life!

On the 14th May I was strolling through Farnworth town centre and I spotted a man who collapsed. Using my first aid skills from Army Cadets I went over and checked his pulse. He had a pulse but he was unresponsive. I soon rang 999 and they told me to get the closest deflibartor in case his condition was critical. The ambulance crew came and told me if I didn’t ring the man could of been dead by the next day as he had severe heat stroke. I have been nominated for a ST Johns ambulance award and pride of Britain award. You can read more about this Here

3 thoughts on “I Saved Someone’s Life!

  • I did a similar thing when I came across a road accident, I had to do CPR that I had learnt through St. John’s Ambulance years ago, I was fine at the time, but afterwards whenever I shut my eyes for a few days all I could see was this man I was doing the CPR on. Was it like this for you? congrats for doing a brave thing for a stranger.

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