7-9th June Camp

On Friday 7/6/19 we set of from our detachment to Holcombe Moor training centre. When we arrived we went into our dormitories and unpacked. After that we went for a camp brief and got placed into our platoons with our platoon staff(I was in 2 platoon) ready for the expedition weekend. On Saturday we woke up and at 10am we set off walking following a set route around the Holcombe Moors. We used the OS 287 paper map to navigate us. The route took us 7 hours to complete including breaks which just allowed us to arrive back at camp for tea. On my step count we walked a total of 18.1km. Later on that night we went to the bivvy area and set up our tents ready to camp out. On Sunday morning we went onto another walk but shorter, this took us 2.5 hours and 6km and got back for final parade before we went home. On camp I received a praiseworthy first aid award for what I did on the 14/5/19 if you would like to read about what I did click Here

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