Annual Camp 2019

On the 28/07/19 15 coaches containing a total of 400 cadets from across the Greater Manchester County arrived at Otterburn Camp. When we arrived we had to check in to our groups and then got taken to our accommodation. The accommodation was 8 bunk beds with army style mattresses.

On Day 2 our group did Adventurous Training which included kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and mountain biking. The day was an amazing experience. When we returned we went for something to eat and then we had free time where we could buy sweets, drinks and pizzas.

On day 3 & 4 we was doing skill at arms lessons and weapon handling tests ready for live firing on the ranges on Thursday. Aswell as doing Skill At Arms we did first Aid lessons and drill lessons. On day 3 at lunch time since I got promoted to Lance Corporal I got invited to sit on a table with the man in charge of the whole army cadet force!

On Day 5 we had the range package which included live firing. 11 groups of 6 people went on the ranges at different times. I was the first to go on. We had 25 rounds in total, 5 rounds per target. First we did a practice target and then we did the real thing where we had to get our groupings as close as possible.

On day 6 we did more first aid lessons and drill lessons. I was teaching the cadets a few lessons aswell. Later on in our free time at the naffi bar there was a disco for us which was fun.

On day 7 we did a sports day which was very competitive with penalty shootout, kick ball rounders and netball. After we finished we did a practice parade ready for the real one at 15:00 which included awards and promotions you can see the parade here.

On day 8, everyone set back off home on the coaches.

Annual Camp 2019 has been the best camp so far. The best cadre 1A, the best staff and the best friends who I made on annual camp which I keep in contact with.

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