Easter Camp 18-22nd April

Over the Easter weekend me and 149 other cadets from different company’s in the ACF participated in different training exercises. The training also allowed training 1 star cadets to tick of that subject to become a 1 star. The Training included: basic signals, skill at arms(including weapons handling tests) and fieldcraft(this included applying camo cream and admin in the field-washing yourself.) There were 2 main exercises that everyone enjoyed the first one being night noise which is where all the cadets went into a field and had to be silent to listen out for noises that might alert an enemy of your location. There was also the blank firing exercise, this included firing blank rounds at the enemy the situation was that the enemy’s were heavily armed and had stolen some of the British Army weapons. I think this was everyone’s favourite exercise but if not it was definitely mine.

Without all the staff this weekend wouldn’t be possible so I would like to thank all staff.

Please see this channel and watch the 4 latest videos which are from this camp: GMACF YouTube Channel

Below I have attached some pictures:

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