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Hi my name is Ryan Bromley I’m 15 and I’m in the Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force.I have been going the army cadets for roughly a year now and I enjoy it. I parade twice a week usually on Tuesday and Thursday but due to structural damage on my detachment i parade on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Why did I join the ACF? I joined the ACF because when I leave school I am applying to join The British Army as a chef.

There are many activities you can do in the Army Cadet Force(ACF) here are just a few:

Going on camps to different army barracks. Doing drill such as marching and saluting.

Fieldcraft where you learn how to apply Camo cream, cook,pack etc…

Basic First aid skills and you can become first aid qualified.

The Military Knowledge such as the history of the ACF(this is useful if you want to join the army).

Shooting( mostly everybody’s favourite activity in the ACF including mine). In the ACF you will learn how to fire different types of weapons the main cadet rifle is the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.

Signals this is where you use army radios to communicate with yours squad/platoon. Skill At Arms this is where you learn how to safely handle weapons and act in a responsible way towards weapons.

Sports(if you like sport then you will like this activity). In the ACF there is lots of sports competitions such as football, rugby, cross country and many more. You will get an opportunity to participate in any of the competitions.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award-Finally there is the Duke of Edinburgh’s award you can do in cadets (this is an award what can look good on your cv if you eventually get the award). If you would like to join the army cadets apply here:https://armycadets.com

This is me in my uniform :

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